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About MyHammock.co.uk

About us

MyHammock.co.uk is part of Mypashmina Ltd which is owned by Paul and Caroline King.

We have been retailing hammocks online in the UK since 2003. We sell La Siesta hammocks on this website and Amazonas hammocks at www.hammockheaven.co.uk. The reason for having seperat sites is because the La Siesta hammocks take 3-4 days to deliver whereas the Amazonas hammocks are available for next day delivery.

Now, we are the largest retailer of Amazonas hammocks in the UK by some way. I am not sure where we are with regards to La Siesta hammocks, but we have been selling them for over 5 years!

We have also been retailing pashminas and cashmere knitwear online (Mypashmina) since 2001.

In February 2006 we relocated our head office to Gothenburg, Sweden. (see www.hamaca.se for our Swedish website). Our distribution center is located near Nottingham, in the middle of England.

Our business is growing due to our consistently good customer service, and when you call us you will always get through to a real person.

You can read our blog here.

Our other websites

www.myhammock.co.uk - for La Siesta Hammocks (3-4 day delivery)
www.mypashmina.co.uk- High quality pashminas and cashmere
www.mypashmina.se - Our Swedish pashmina-shop
www.therealrugcompany.co.uk - Premium rugs!
www.hamaca.se Our sister hammock site in Sweden.


If you want to buy the MyHammock website/business, we would be reluctant sellers, as it is a real pleasure to run... lovely customers and suppliers etc. However we would be silly to refuse a really good offer! Serious enquiries only, as we will not give out senstive trading information for free :(

Hammocks from MyHammock.co.uk - La Siesta Hammocks and Hanging Hammock Chairs