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Exchanges and Refunds

We want you to be happy with your purchase. Even if you are not happy with your purchase, we want you to be pleased with your experience of shopping with us.

Anything you buy from MyHammock can be returned within 30 days for a full refund.

You can expect a full refund for the product you ordered within 1 working day of the item coming back to us.

Please contact us for the UK returns address.

The essential information that you include should include with a returned item is as follows:
- your name
- your address
- your phone number
- your email address
- your order number
- a brief note saying what you want us to do.

A good place to book a cheap courier for small or large items is www.interparcel.com. Most things can be shipped for £9.60.

We will refund you by reversing part or all of the transation, so the money will go back on to the card or into the account that it came from. We will email you once we have processed your returned items and then it will usually take under 3 days for the money to appear back in your account.

Important things to keep in mind

1. Always use a trackable courier service. If the item you are returning gets lost on the way, and you don't have a tracking number, it will be impossible to find, and we wont be able to refund you or make an exchange.

2. When returning something to us, it must come back undamaged and in its original packaging, (sealed products like fixings must be returned in unbroken packaging.) If the product comes back damaged we will not be able to refund you.

3. Make sure the item you are returning is well packaged for the journey back to us. Some couriers can be ungentle, and if the item gets damaged in transit, it will be for you and the couriers to sort out between yourselves.

4. In the unlikely event that you have a faulty item, please contact us before returning it. You may not need to return it. Also you may just need guidance with assembly. In the event that we collect something from you that turns out not to be faulty, we will charge you the returns shipping of £11...so to save hassle, please check with us first.

5. 30 days is the limit.

Hammocks from MyHammock.co.uk - La Siesta Hammocks and Hanging Hammock Chairs