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How to choose the right hammock for you.

1. Size

In general, the bigger the hammock the better. However there are things to consider that may disuade you from just buying the biggest one available.

i. Where it is going to hang. if you have 2 trees which are 330cm apart, there isnt much point buying a hammock which is 350cm long! However if you have a large gap, a small hammock is fine.
ii. Do you want it all to yourself.. a big hammock might look inviting for others to join you when you are trying to relax!
iii. Are the colours that you like available in the size you want.
iv. How much do you want to spend. Actually, over the lifetime of a hammock the difference in price between the smallest hammock and the biggest isn't very much (per lazing hour).

2. Spreader Bars

The benefits of spreader bars are that it holds the hammock open, making it easy to get in and out of. It also means that a damp hammock will dry quicker in the sunshine. A hammock with spreader bars will not fit in a washing machine!

A hammock without spreader bars gives better upper back support, so , for the serious hammockist, it is a bit more comfortable. The downside is that if you are new to hammocks, you might find it swallows you up, until you work out how to find the right position (diagonally).

3. Colour

Choose a colour combination that makes you feel happy/cosy/relaxed ... or a colour that goes well with it's surroundings. If you want to, let your choice of colour overwhelm all other considerations.

4. Material

A cotton hammock feels nice and soft against the skin, especially in some of the jacquard weaves on the bigger hammocks. However a cotton hammock will eventually rot if left to the elements (having said that, i have left a cotton hanging chair out in the garden for 3 Swedish winters, and it still looking and functioning well!).

The Elltex hammocks, which are a mixture of cotton and polyester, are weather resistant. The colours won't fade and the fabric will stay stronger for longer. If you are likely to want to leave the hammock outdoors come rain or shine , then this is a good choice.

We also have some lightweight travel hammocks made from nylon.

Need more advice ?

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Hammocks from MyHammock.co.uk - La Siesta Hammocks and Hanging Hammock Chairs