Hammocks from MyHammock.co.uk - La Siesta Hammocks and Hanging Hammock Chairs

We respect your privacy

The information we collect about you

In order to accept your order we need to collect and retain the following information from you:

- Your name (the name of the cardholder)
- Your address (the cardholders address and the delivery address is different)
- Your phone number
- Your email address (this is optional if you order over the phone, although it makes life easier for you and us)

If paying online, you will need to enter your card details. We have no way of accessing this information and can not keep it. If paying by phone, as soon as your order is complete, we no longer have a record of your card details (they are entered directly in to a secure payment system)

What we do with this information

The cardholder address must match up to allow the payment to go through.

We put the delivery address on the package, so the courier will be able to deliver.

The courier may contact us if they have any delivery issues, in which case, we may need to phone you. The courier may also request to contact you, but we will ask your permission before giving them your phone number.

For regular order updates, such as letting you know that we have received your order, or telling you that your order has been dispatched, we will email you.

If we need to contact you for any other reason, we will first try to phone you and we will email you.

At the checkout you will be able to tick a box saying that you want to receive news. If you tick this box, you can expect up to 12 newsletter emails in a year (in 2010 we sent 5). These emails may promote our other websites Mypashmina or The Real Rug Company. On each email you will have the option to stop further newsletters with 1 click.

We have to keep copies of invoices for 6 years, after which time records will be destroyed.

What we do not do with this information

We will never sell it or pass it on to anyone. This is probably illegal. It is certainly not very nice, as we all get enough spam in our inboxes already.

Hammocks from MyHammock.co.uk - La Siesta Hammocks and Hanging Hammock Chairs