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MyHammock Gift Vouchers

Sometimes the hardest part about buying a gift is choosing what to get. A Hammock makes a fantastic gift, they say, “hey you deserve to relax and take it easy”. Here at MyHammock, we stock an amazing array of hammocks. Then there are the almost limitless colour choices. Add to that the range of hammock stands and frames both metal stands and wooden stands and maybe you are just getting too baffled.

You really want to give a hammock as a present but too much choice... easy... a MyHammock gift voucher is the answer. Available in a range of different money amounts gift vouchers make it easy and put the hard choice right back on the person who is getting the gift.


Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email confirmation/invoice .. the number at the top of the invoice can be used as the voucher code. We do not make and post paper vouchers.

The best part about MyHammock gift vouchers is we DO give change. So if you buy a £100 hammock gift voucher and the recipient buys a £89.00 Brazillian hammock, for example, we will give the person who bought the voucher (by reversing part of the transaction) the £11.00 change, after all it’s not our money and the hammock has been paid for.

Gift Vouchers - The rules

  • ONLY ON MyHammock.co.uk - Gift vouchers purchased on this website can only be used on this website - www.myhammock.co.uk

  • GBP ONLY - Gift vouchers are issued in GBP Sterling only.

  • YES WE GIVE CHANGE - Unlike some other operators, we do give change when a gift voucher is used. You must spend at least 50% of the face value of the voucher and any change goes to the person who purchased the gift voucher and only back on to the card that was used to pay for the gift voucher when purchased.

  • ISSUED BY EMAIL - We do not make paper gift vouchers. Your gift voucher will be a code that we will email to you.

  • VALID FOR 1 YEAR - The gift voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Under no circumstances will any late submissions of the gift voucher claim code will be accepted. There will be no refunds for expired and unused gift vouchers.

  • NO SWAPPING FOR CASH - Gift voucher claim codes may not be redeemed for cash and are non-transferable.

  • IF YOU LOSE YOUR VOUCHER CODE - Just get the person who purchased the voucher to call us and we will look it up for you.

  • NO BACKDATING - A gift voucher claim code cannot be entered in respect of transactions that have already been processed by myhammock.co.uk.

  • NON-CHANGEABLE and NON REFUNDABLE - Gift vouchers are non-changeable and non-refundable.

  • GENERAL TERMS - Normal myhammock.co.uk terms and conditions apply for each gift voucher promotion (please visit www.myhammock.co.uk for full details). For any queries regarding gift vouchers please contact us.

Hammocks from MyHammock.co.uk - La Siesta Hammocks and Hanging Hammock Chairs